What we do

Navigating the new Commerce landscape

Today, Commerce is everywhere and always on. It can be overwhelming, but we act as your navigator to surface the creative solutions that connect and convert your shoppers at the right touchpoints. ​

Our creatives, strategists, data analysts and innovators unlock Creative Commerce solutions and implement them in Retail, through Experiential, with Design and Innovation to drive conversion everywhere life intersects with Commerce.​

That can be anywhere from physical stores to e-commerce, branded experiences to out-of-home, content to product packaging, social commerce to live streaming, voice and visual search to gaming, and more. 

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    Commerce is now at the center of brand and customer experience

Connected Commerce Platform

Our unique way of working

Think of the Connected Commerce Platform (CCP) as an operating system, incorporating a suite of apps to help get the job done.​

It lives in the cloud and guides how we collaborate internally and with clients.​

From insight to execution, the CCP makes the right data and tools available at just the right time – from gathering third-party data to testing and optimizing creative.​

The CCP is such a powerful solution that it has been adopted by some of our biggest clients, and across VMLY&R and WPP as a way of working. ​

Watch the video to see what it’s all about. 

The Flagships

‘Experience spaces' to test new Commerce solutions

There is an element of play in Creative Commerce. And our ‘Flagships’ allow brands and retailers to prototype, test and trial tech, store layouts and retail environments in conditions as close to real-life as possible.​

The Flagships are permanent fixtures in our London and New York campuses – fitted out with floor-to-ceiling projection units that can recreate over 140 different shopping environments and experiences. In-built is tech that gauges emotional responses and level of engagement.​

Brand owners and potential shoppers can virtually navigate supermarket aisles, browse in convenience stores or experience new shopping concepts – limited only by your imagination.