What we do

Helping clients navigate the new commerce landscape

Today commerce is everywhere and always on.  Our creatives, strategists, analysts and innovators are unlocking creative commerce solutions and implementing them in Retail, through Experiential, with Design and Innovation to drive seamless conversion everywhere life intersects with commerce, end to end.

Harnessing decades of in-market retail knowledge, our depth and breadth of specialist capabilities enable our experts to create the most creatively engaging, culturally relevant commerce experiences across almost all channels and touch points — from physical stores to e-commerce, branded experiences to out of home, content to product packaging, social commerce to live streaming, voice/visual search to gaming, and more.

We are putting commerce at the very heart of brand and customer experience to drive equity and purchase behavior.

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    Commerce is now at the center of brand and customer experience

Living Commerce™

Our proprietary approach and platform that guides how we work

Living Commerce™ is our proprietary approach and platform that guides how we work.  The combination of tools and products in our Living Commerce platform makes it the most agile and open cloud-based platform available to unlock customer growth for brands. 

From insight to execution, Living Commerce™ makes predictive and third-party data accessible along the full customer journey, ensuring we attach real human insights to the ideas we put in market for clients. By understanding how, when and why people buy, we are able to deliver channel-agnostic creativity using our depth of discipline capabilities to determine the channels and touchpoints where consumers will be most receptive to our ideas. 

The Flagships

Experience commerce and technology solutions in an environment as close to real-life as possible

Packed with future-facing technologies, The Flagships are immersive spaces that let brands and retailers’ prototype, test and trial tech that influences shopper behaviour and purchase decisions. They are permanent fixtures in our London and New York campuses.

The Flagships concentrate on crafting unified commerce experiences, putting people at its heart. 

With over 15 types of commerce technology inside a unique, immersive floor-to-ceiling projection space, the space can recreate over 140 immersive shopping environments and experiences. For example, brand owners and potential shoppers can navigate supermarket aisles, browse in corner shops, pick and choose in specific environments like DIY stores and shop for convenience goods at petrol stations. 

With its extensive offering, The Flagships will help determine which planograms, in-store creative and technology work best, using emotion and engagement determination. This will help optimise which store layout is most likely to drive product sales and deliver category growth.