Wellness Hitchhikers

The Market


The Challenge

Every month over 720 major truck accidents happen on Highway 40, Saudi Arabia.  Seventy-five percent happen between 2am and 6am.  The reason?  Truckers are falling asleep while driving.

The Idea

Castrol wanted to make roads safer by making these truckers travel safer.  So, we used the most impactful media available: human interaction.  With hitchhikers a common sight on Saudi roads, Castrol took this familiar figure and made one of their own.  A professionally-qualified "Wellness" Hitchhiker designed to keep drivers awake on their overnight journeys.  Doctors, nutritionists and personal trainers offering multilingual medical advice and wellness talks along the most traveled road in the Kingdom.

  • 18% accident drop in 2 months
  • 40,000 hours of interaction
  • 10,000 drivers reached
  • +4 million KM completely awake
  • 7,500 wellness check-ups
  • Dubai Lynx, Bronze (Healthcare, Brand Experience & Activation)
  • Dubai Lynx, Bronze (Media, Use of Events & Stunts)
  • Dubai Lynx, Shortlist (Direct, Use of Ambient Media: Large Scale – Experiential)
  • WPP Extraordinary Awards, Finalist (Experience)
  • Cresta Awards, Bronze (Ambient & Experiential – Ambient Campaign)
  • Cresta Awards, Shortlist (Ambient & Experiential – Experiential)
  • AdStars, Crystal (Outdoor – Sectors – Vehicles)
  • AdStars, Shortlist (Healthcare)
  • AdStars, Shortlist (Outdoor)
  • AdStars, Shortlist (Brand Experience & Activation)
  • Loeries Awards, Shortlist (Live Activations  Automotive)
  • Loeries Awards, Shortlist (Out Of Home  Transit & Air - Automotive)