The Twitter Playhouse

The Market


The Challenge

"I love long workshops and sales presentations."  Said no media planner ever.

Facts.  Figures.  Superiority claims.  It's the default way social platforms are pitching their solutions to media companies.  How could Twitter convince them of the unique nature of the platform in an entirely different way?

The Idea

We selected some of the most important Twitter stories of the year and turned them into theatrical plays.  Transforming an online proposition into educative offline entertainment for our audience.

  • +180 brands reached
  • #2019ontwitter trending
  • Featured in +100 publications
  • Dubai Lynx, Shortlist (Design / D01 Live Events)
  • AdStars, Finalist (Media: Sectors - Electronics/IT/Office Equipments/ Home electronics & audio-visual/Business Equipment & Services)
  • AdStars, Finalist (Diverse Insights)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Ambient & Experiential - Ambient Campaign)
  • Loeries, Finalist (Live Crafts – Performance)
  • Loeries, Finalist (Live Crafts – Writing)
  • Loeries, Finalist (Live Crafts – Direction)
  • Loeries, Finalist (Live Crafts – Live Events)
  • The Drum Experience Awards, Nomination (Sponsorship Activation/Event of the Year)
  • The Drum Experience Awards, Nomination (Corporate Event of the Year)