VMLY&R COMMERCE Colombia & India


The cultural taboo around menstruation means millions of young women in India go through their cycle without really know what their bodies are going through.  This lack of information perpetuates a preventable cycle of silence and shame, and even leads to 23% of girls in India to drop out of school when they begin to menstruate.


We used a comforting beverage that is part of India's DNA to open the conversation to guide them through each day of their menstruation.

Tea Cycle is a 360 degree calendar with 28 unique blends – one for each day of their period.  Designed to guide girls through the physical, hormonal, and emotional changes happening during their cycle, each tea bag not only educates them on what's happening, but also helps ease the symptoms that show up on that day.

  • 32 schools reached in the first week
  • 5,700 adolescent girls reach
  • 1200+ women reached in rural via community awareness sessions
  • 120 schools to be reached in phase 1