The Market

Geometry Czech Republic

The Challenge

60% of runners train with music regularly, and it's no surprise they prefer an uninterrupted playlist of Spotify's Premium 'Ad-Free' plan. But Salming Sports, a new brand in the running market, wanted to be heard.

The Idea

Geometry Czech Republic introduced the Salming Sports collection of runner's gear on Spotify Premium – without any interruption. Simply by redesigning the cover art of each playlist, each 'cover' became a product ad. Complete with a photo, description, price, and link to purchase on the Salming e-shop. And by curating the largest collection of playlists based on the type of run and training pace, runners were segmented and targeted appropriately.


Every time a runner shared their favorite playlist, they shared a Salming ad.

  • 0 songs interrupted
  • 0 media invested on Spotify
  • 27% sales increase
  • Effie, Shortlist (Low Budget)
  • Lisbon International Awards, Shortlist (Online Advertising)
  • Ad with QR code for Salming
  • Ad for Salming Spotiwear
  • Spotify playlist
  • Ad for Salming Spotiwear