Smart Fill




Packaging is the face of a brand. But in India, it’s also the face of plastic pollution. With its products reaching 9 out of 10 Indian households, Unilever needed a sustainable business transformation.  But how would they convince shoppers to shift to a sustainable alternative if they don’t care about the environment?


We sacrificed Unilever’s most valuable branding asset – its packaging. We introduced Smart Fill, an in-store experience, that lets shoppers use other brands’ plastic waste as Unilever packaging to Smart fill products like Vim, Surf Excel and Comfort. 

  • 1.5MM earned media
  • 85% repeat purchase
  • 100K+ households reached
  • Cannes Lions, Gold (Creative Commerce)
  • Cannes Lions, Silver (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • Cannes Lions, Bronze (Creative Business Transformation)
  • Cannes Lions, Shortlist (Brand Experience & Activation)
  • Cannes Lions, Shortlist (Creative Commerce)
  • Cannes Lions, Shortlist (Creative Commerce)
  • Spikes, Bronze (Brand Experience & Activation)
  • Spikes, 2x Shortlist (Creative Commerce)
  • Spikes, Shortlist (Strategy & Effectiveness)
  • AdFest, Silver (Commerce)
  • AdFest, Bronze (Commerce)
  • AdFest, Bronze (Brand Experience)
  • One Show, Bronze (Experiential & Immersive)
  • One Show, 2x Merit (Direct Marketing)
  • One Show, Merit (Public Relations)
  • One Show, Merit (Sustainable Development Pencil)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Green Pencil)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Integrated)
  • Clios, 2x Silver (Creative Commerce)
  • Clios, Silver (Experience/Activation/Other)
  • Clios, Silver (Public Relations/Environmental)
  • Clios, Bronze (Creative Business Transformation)
  • Clios, Shortlist (Direct/Experience/Activation)
  • Clios, Shortlist (Media/Retail)
  • PHNX, 2x Silver (Design)
  • PHNX, Bronze (Good Causes)
  • PHNX, 2x Shortlist (Strategy & Technique)
  • PHNX, Shortlist (Good Causes)
  • D&AD, Silver (Experiential)
  • D&AD, Bronze (Experiential)
  • D&AD, Bronze (Commerce)
  • D&AD, Shortlist (Commerce)
  • D&AD, Shortlist (Impact)
  • Dragons of Asia, Grand Prix (Best Campaign in Asia)
  • Dragons of Asia, Gold (Best Brand Trial or Sales) 
  • Dragons of Asia, Merit (Best Brand Building and/or Awareness Campaign)
  • Dragons of Asia, Merit (Best Brand Loyalty Campaign)
  • LIA, Gold (Creativity in Commerce / Non-Traditional)
  • LIA, Gold (Sustainability)
  • LIA, Silver (Sustainability)
  • LIA, Bronze (Creativity in Commerce)
  • LIA, Finalist (Sustainability)
  • New York Festivals Advertising Awards, Gold (Direct)
  • Andy's, Shortlist
  • Gerety, Shortlist (Experience Cut)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (Outdoor)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (Direct)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (Green)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (Pivot)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (Brand Experience & Activation)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (Design)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (PR)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (Interactive)