Magnum 4D

Seeing Numbers

The Market


The Challenge

Malaysia is home to a growing population of young adults.  But many of them see gaming as an old-fashioned activity that has no connection with their modern lifestyle. And while millennials don’t like lottery gaming, they do love stuff they can’t afford.  The hype gear, holidays and high-tech gadgets that they can only read and share about on screen.

The Idea

Transform items they loved into a win-it-all lottery opportunity.  Combining an individual’s online behavior with data-generated Facebook ads and Google’s News API, our user’s timeline featured specially curated news under Millennials’ Top 5 topics (Fashion, Fitness, Food, Tech and Travel).  Segment targeting made sure the most relevant news reached them.  Upon clicking the news, they were taken to a microsite where the news content itself was morphed into eight numbers, ready to be entered as a Magnum Life ticket via a free game e-voucher pushed to their mobile that they could redeem at the nearest Magnum branch.


•    12M+ Media Impression
•    48% Conversion Rate
•    15% of Winners under 35-years-old
•    8% increase in in-store footfall

  • Malaysia Effie 2021, Silver (Media Idea)
  • Malaysia Effie 2021, Bronze (Retail)