Amarok |  Volkswagen

The Sand Ad

The Market


The Challenge

How to engage with Buenos Aires' consumers who traditionally escape to the luxury coastal resorts of Pinamar and Carilo during the summer months.

The Idea

In a move away from traditional test-drives, exhibitions, mailers and fliers, Volkswagen tapped into a sustainable experience with miles and miles of branding to target Buenos Aires consumers who left the city for the coast during the summer months of December through March.


Geometry and Volkswagen Argentina created and launched a brand activation campaign for VW’s 4×4 pick-up Amarok, which prints the pick-up’s brand logo across the Argentinian coastline.

Geometry conceived the simple idea to carve Amarok’s brand logo into the vehicle wheels, using sand as the communication platform. Early each morning, the specially adapted 4×4 sets off across 40 km of sand – treading 100,000 logos into the sand every day during the sixty busiest days at the two resorts. 800,000 people per day will engaged with the brand activation.

  • Effies, Gold (Media Effectiveness)
  • Effies, Bronze (Low Budget)
  • El Diente, Gold (Outdoor / Non-Conventional)
  • El Diente, Bronze (Activations Promo & PR / Big Ambient)
  • El Diente, Finalist (Design / Prodcut & Packaging)
  • El Ojo de Iberoamerica, Bronze (Media)
  • AdForum PHNX, Bronze (Best Use of Music)
  • AdForum PHNX, Bronze (Outdoor)
  • Tracks in the sand from a truck
  • Truck tire in sand
  • Truck tire in sand