Observator-Antena 1

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The Market


The Challenge

Less than 2% of Romanians donate blood and Romania ranked last in Europe in terms of blood donations.  The ones that did donate were activated by a known emergency or by their financial situation in which they received food coupons as compensation.

The Idea

To raise awareness about blood shortages in Romanian hospitals and to get people to donate blood, Observator-Antena 1, the number one prime time news program, used its strongest tool – the TV screen itself.  For one week during the evening news, viewers notices something on their screens was missing  the RED component for the screen's RGB colors – symbolizing the need for blood donations across the country.

  • 14 million Romanians reached
  • 80% increase in blood donations
  • 1.2 million euros in earned media
  • 300% budget increase for blood donations following the campaign's launch
  • Cannes Lions, Gold (PR/Media, Arts & Entertainment)
  • Cannes Lions, Silver (Media/Best Use of Screens)
  • Cannes Lions, Silver (Promo & Activation/Use of Broadcast)
  • Cannes Lions, Bronze (Media/Public Health & Safety & Public Awareness Messages)
  • Epica, Bronze
  • Eurobest, Gold
  • Golden Drum, Grand Prix
  • Golden Drum, Gold
  • Golden Drum, Silver
  • Cristal, Gold (x2)
  • Cristal, Silver (x2)
  • Webstock Awards, 2nd place (Social Campaigns in Online)
  • LIA, Bronze (Best Innovative Use of TV)
  • Clio, Silver (Branded Content)
  • Golden Hammer, Network of the Year 2015
  • Golden Hammer, Grand Prix (Media)
  • Golden Hammer, Gold (Media)
  • Golden Hammer, Gold (Promo)
  • Golden Hammer, Gold (PR)
  • Golden Hammer, Special Award (PR)
  • Golden Hammer, Gold (Social)
  • Effie Romania, 2015 Silver CSR