Mexican Red Cross

Red Cross FC




The pandemic took its toll on the Mexican Red Cross, with the organization having lost more than 60% of its earnings compared to the previous year.  This translated into the shuttering of several much-needed medical centers and the need for increased donations to the organization. 


Blue Cross FC, the winner of the Mexican League, has the most fans across the country.  We turned those fans into Mexican Red Cross fans with the introduction of an entirely new football team – Cruz Azul FC – that would play for all of Mexico.  With a new team, new name, new badge, new jersey, and even new merchandise, we helped translate football fans' passion for the sport into a passion for charity donations.  We made donations easy for fans through either a QR code that could be scanned during the Mexican football Derby or online shopping for the team's new merchandise, with all proceeds donated to the Mexican Red Cross.

  • $1.5M USD raised in donations
  • 6 months worth of donations in a single football match
  • +2M earned media
  • +8M impressions
  • Circulo de Oro, Silver (Promotions & Activation / Best Sponsorship or Association Campaigns)
  • Circulo de Oro, Bronze (Design of Promotional Items)
  • Circulo de Oro, Shortlist (Health / Public Good)
  • Circulo de Oro, Shortlist (Promotions & Activations / Corporate Image)