Rain Wi-Fi

The Market


The Challenge

St. Petersburg, Russia, is filled with buildings that feature narrow well-like courtyards with no 4G-connection. And with 200 rainy days per year, its citizens constantly have to find shelter in the courtyards, where it is impossible to connect to the Internet.

The Idea

Tele2 invented a rain-powered 4G-router that turns rain into free Internet and installed these gadgets 'across' the city. Now residents can benefit from quality Wi-Fi and access content provided by WWF, Psychologies and National Geographic.

  • 139m Media Impressions
  • +100% Tele2 Innovative Image
  • Cannes, Silver (Outdoor -Technology)
  • Cannes, Bronze (Mobile - Innovative use of Technology)
  • Cannes, Shortlist (Brand Exp & Act - Use of Mobile & Devices)
  • D&AD Impact, Shortlist (Brand Exp & Act - Use of Mobile & Devices)
  • Golden Drum, Gold (Innovation)
  • Effies, Shortlist (Telecommunications. Internet)
  • Epica, Silver (Mobile Campaigns)
  • Epica, Bronze (Creative Technology)
  • Eurobest, Shortlist (Outdoor - Special Build)
  • Eurobest, Bronze (Outdoor - Technology)
  • Red Apple, Silver (Innovative Advertising)
  • Red Apple, Silver (Outdoor Advertising)
  • Ad Black See, Grand Prix
  • Ad Black See, Best of Show (Out of Home)
  • Ad Black See, Best of Show (Digital & Mobile)
  • ADCR, Silver (Promotions & New Media)
  • ADCR, Shortlist (Promotions & New Media)
  • ADCR, Shortlist (Integration & Innovation)