Portraits of Glory




Mechanics are key to help society move and the Castrol business grow. They keep our commutes safe, always come to the rescue whenever there is an emergency, and as far as business goes, they are the reliable source of knowledge that helps Castrol sell the right products to the customer’s real needs.

However, despite all that, they FEEL unappreciated and looked down upon. Their efforts go unnoticed by employers. Their humanity, hopes, and dreams – unseen by most.

Castrol believes that they deserve better, and this invisibility should be no more. After all, these are the brand’s front-liners, the face and heart of Castrol. So, Castrol needed to find a way to get mechanics, employers and the public to “see” and appreciate people who have long been ignored. 


Drive genuine human impact within Castrol's network of workshops through an immersive experience celebrating and rewarding mechanics through an iconic and memorable employee of the month program. The initiative aimed at moving the employee of the month accolade from workshops’ back-walls to proudly displaying it in the biggest frame in the world, "The Dubai Frame", an augmented reality photo exhibit celebrating its best-performing mechanics. 

  • +3,000 signed up to Castrol's rewards program
  • +15% partners' sales increase year-to-date
  • 16% Castrol sales growth vs. last year
  • 150+ new workshops added to Castrol's network
  • Effies MENA, Silver (B2B)
  • Effies MENA, Bronze (Experiential)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (Social & Influencer)
  • Mad Stars, Finalist (Mobile)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Interactive, Online & Mobile)