Lohas Kid Center Clover

Poo Paint

The Market

Geometry Ogilvy Japan (a VMLY&R COMMERCE company)

The Challenge

Potty-training is a big challenge for toddlers and parents alike.  Often Japanese guardians take a draconian approach that adds stress to an already difficult period.  As they rely on day-care for their children's wellbeing and education, Clover Lohas Kids Center wanted to demonstrate their "learning through play" approach by contributing meaningfully to ease this process.

The Idea

We designed Poo Paint: an educational tool that engages children positively, minimizing their fears and boosting interest in the subject matter.  Half toilet paper, half coloring book, it helps kids associated hygienic habits with fun.  Witnessing the immediate results, parents became advocates of the kindergarten, also gathering extensive coverage on news channels and social media.

  • 95% of parents surveyed said "It eased potty training burden and stress"
  • $2M USD in earned media
  • 740 million global media impressions
  • AdStars, Bronze (Direct)
  • AdStars, Bronze (Creative eCommerce)
  • AdStars, Merit (Outdoor)
  • AdStars, Shortlist (Design)
  • AdStars, Shortlist (PR)
  • New York Festivals, Bronze (Public Relations)
  • New York Festivals, Shortlist (Package & Product Design)
  • New York Festivals, Shortlist (Design)
  • Communication Arts, Shortlist (Non-Traditional Advertising)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Direct Marketing)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Health, Wellness & Pharma)
  • Spikes, Shortlist (Brand Experience and Activation)
  • Toilet paper from Japan's Poo Paint campaign
  • Toilet paper from Japan's Poo Paint campaign