Rescue Me Foundation

Pet Interns


Geometry Colombia (a VMLY&R COMMERCE company)


In 2021 adoptions rate decreased 80% vs. previous years and the number of adult rescued dogs increased. The Rescue Me Foundation found itself with no space for new dogs and the rationing of food – both of which put the animal's wellbeing at risk.  They needed to find a more efficient way to find rescued dogs a forever home.


Reinvent the traditional adoption model with the launch of a pet adoption program that turns dogs into pet interns, making employees happy while finding forever homes for the dogs.

The program turned adult dogs waiting to be adopted into "labor wellness experts".  By creating professional LinkedIn profiles of these dogs with the skills companies were seeking, the dogs were provided the opportunity to "intern" in offices.

  • 120% increase in adult dog adoptions
  • 56 brands joined program
  • +1.6M USD earned media
  • Cannes Lions, Shortlist (Health & Wellness / Animal Health)
  • Cannes Lions, Shortlist (Creative B2B / Brand Experience)
  • Effies Colombia, Gold (Low Budget)
  • Effies Colombia, Gold (Pet Care)
  • Effies Colombia, Silver (Marketing Innovation Solutions)
  • FIAP, Silver (Formats/Health)
  • FIAP, Bronze (Formats/Social Content)
  • FIAP, Bronze (Innovation)
  • LUUM, Gold (Partnerships to Achieve Goals)
  • LUUM, Gold (Mental Health, Education & Awareness)
  • LUUM, Gold (Mental Health, Animal Education & Awareness)
  • LUUM, Gold (Covid: Awareness & Adaptation to a New Reality)
  • Effies LATAM, Bronze (Other Services)
  • Effies LATAM, Finalist (Positive Impact)
  • DADI Awards, Finalist (Not-for-Profit/Charity)
  • DoradoFest, Shortlist (Pet Care)