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Cookie sales experienced tremendous momentum during the well-known Pandemic stock-ups that
drove consumers to focus on availability and routine, at a cost to emotional benefit and brand
differentiation. With post-2020 seeing declines of up to 18% in the cookie category, how could Mondelez help raise the entire category back up again as a brand leader, especially with a newly health-aware shopper?


The most popular colorway in the shoe world is named after Oreo, and for years sneakerheads and shoe brands have been using the name for free.  Since they hijacked the cookie, we hijacked the sneakers.  Delivering a unique experience that allowed us to turn every Oreo colorway sneaker into a commerce opportunity.  By collecting the data of the most popular shoe model releases, we turned every sneaker into a coupon – a retail promotion using smart-scan technology.

  • 85% conversion rate (scans vs redemption)
  • +16% sales increase (vs prior year)
  • Cannes Lions, Shortlist (Brand Experience & Activation / Retail Promotions & Competitions)
  • Clios, Bronze (Out of Home / Ambient)
  • D&AD, Bronze (Direct / Digital)
  • D&AD, Shortlist (Digital / Mobile)
  • EFFIES Shopper Marketing, Finalist (Commerce & Shopper / Media Innovation)
  • One Show, Merit (Branded Entertainment Craft - Use of Technology)
  • One Show, Merit (Creative Use of Data / Use of Technology)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Direct Marketing / Digital & Online - Ecommerce)
  • One Show, Merit (Experiential & Immersive / Ecommerce)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Experiential & Immersive / Events/Stunts/Competitions - In-person)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Interactive & Mobile Craft / UX/UI - Utility/Ecommerce)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Out of Home / Innovation in Out of Home)
  • LIA, Bronze (Creativity in Commerce)