Subway Malaysia

One Foot Closer: Mini World


VMLY&R Commerce Malaysia


In this big, chaotic world, Malaysians have little time to care about all the little things that brands have to offer. They are over TikTok-ed, student-loaned, and baby-pictured that mass media does not really affect them.

Zooming into the fast-food category, brands are constantly fighting to place their restaurants top-of-mind. Fast-food giants such as McDonald’s and KFC have the bigger voice of influence in Malaysia. With more than 300 and 700 restaurants nationwide alongside their 40-year and more heritage status, they undeniably take the crowd with them.

With a smaller footprint and an overload of communications from other brands, the battle for consumer attention was even more intense for Subway. We needed a more meaningful engagement beyond ads to bring people closer to Subway – one that could help us generate a giant wave of word-of-mouth, inviting bigger and bigger crowds to their restaurants to enjoy freshly made subs.


For the first time ever, we created a whole new escapade that challenges everyday reality – Subway Mini World Exhibition. Designed to spark stronger connection between Subway and Malaysians. A whole new buzzworthy world – only smaller, where the subs rule!

In this world, our crowd-favorite footlongs were supersized to be larger-than-life. The giant subs were set against pocket-size Malaysian streets; a surrealistic scene built around imagination to delight and thrill sensorial-seeking young and young-at-heart.

Further engaging guests with a more immersive experience, we sent them out on a little adventure offline and online to win Subway’s novelty, limited-edition merchandise. Closing the loop, event-exclusive promo codes drove guests to purchase freshly made subs at Subway restaurants.

  • Attracted more than 4,000 guests to the event
  • +1,000,000 Malaysians were talking about Subway
  • #HelloSabweh AR Filter extended the event experience to an additional 3,500 Malaysians at home with 62.1% engagement rate
  • Restaurant visits spiked to 1M (from 400k) in just one week with over 26,000 in-store conversions
  • Silver, Event Marketing Awards 2023 (Best Integrated Marketing)