Mixed Fans

The Market


The Challenge

Dubai is home to over 200 nationalities.  As a result, over 57% of families have mixed citizenships. So when World Cup fever comes around, they need to make a hard choice.

The Idea

To encourage multinational fans to support all of their nations teams, Coca-Cola offered free DNA tests, allowing fans an in-depth look at their gene pool.  With those results, football jerseys were then created merging more than one nation.

  • +10k fans engaged
  • +100 nationalities united
  • 200K social impressions
  • Dubai Lynx, Bronze (Direct – Fast Moving Consumer Goods)
  • Dubai Lynx, Shortlist (Direct – Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale)
  • New York Festivals, Finalist (Direct & Collateral – Food/Drink/Restaurants)
  • New York Festivals, Finalist (Design – Promotional Items)
  • New York Festivals, Shortlist (Activation & Engagement – Food/Drink/Restaurants)
  • New York Festivals, Shortlist (Sports– Events & Stunts)
  • WPPed Cream, Highly Commended (Data Driven Insights)