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From dial up to digital age, Telekom Malaysia (TM), a backbone of the nation's telecommunications, has been around for almost 40 years. However, the brand has been plagued with the perception of being outdated and aging, and this perception needed to be shattered to stay relevant in today's generation. To break the "dated" perception, TM needed to reframe its brand to be seen as progressive and innovative, catering to the needs of today's evolving tech landscape.

In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, TM understood the importance of maintaining brand relevance, particularly among the youth. To do so, it needed to posture itself as a Human-Centered Tech Company, leveraging the latest technologies to connect with the younger generation in a more meaningful way.


As globalization and technological advancements prevail, our rich cultural traditions are fading away. The priority has shifted from preserving our vibrant ancestral traditions to keeping up with cutting-edge technology. However, cultural traditions and innovative tech can coexist in harmony when we can integrate technology into our cultural traditions in ways that enrich and preserve them.

Mengukir Malaysia/Crafting Malaysia is TM’s initiative to preserve and celebrate Malaysia's cultural heritage through innovative technologies. It is a tech-infused journey of rediscovery where people, culture and technology unite.

In partnership with local cultural institutions, we activated the campaigns on digital platforms during the four most celebrated cultural festivities in Malaysia with each activation showcasing the most relevant arts and traditions, tailored to the celebrations and the Malaysians partaking in them.

  • For Eid, we launched the world’s first Kufi Art Generator that helped immortalize priceless words of wisdom digitally for generations to come.
  • On Malaysia’s National Day, we told the story of a freedom fighter through Wayang Kulit (shadow play) made more immersive via 360° technology.
  • Celebrating Deepavali, we invited Malaysians to communicate with one another via the Mudras (traditional hand gestures in Indian arts) through vibrant digital greetings.
  • On Chinese New Year, we revitalized the lost art of Chinese Opera through interactive Instagram AR filters for Malaysians to discover the different meaning and motivation behind each character. 
  • Ranked #1 among 18 other brands in Helping Build the Nation’s Digital Literacy, enabling Malaysians to learn and engage with cultural arts and traditions on digital platforms
  • 149 Trust Index (Q1 2023) vs 118 (Q2 2022) in Malaysia Trustworthy Digital Partner
  • Malaysians engaged with cultural arts and traditions on META & Tiktok 177,428 428 total impressions and 20,983,827 total engagements
  • Kancil Awards 2022: TM Mengukir Malaysia – Kufi Art
    • Best Print & Publishing-led Integrated Campaign
    • Innovation in Design
    • Digital Experiences
    • Best Use of Cultural Insights in Design
    • Creative Effectiveness: Design
    • Typography: Campaign
  • Kancil Awards 2022: TM Mengukir Malaysia – Ibu
    • Best Use of Cultural Insights in Film & Branded Content
    • Best Use of New Realities in Storytelling
    • Best Use of Cultural Insights in Design
    • Best Use of Cultural Insights in Digital Experiences
    • Best Digital-led Integrated Campaign
    • Best Use of Cultural Insights in Brand Experience & Activation
  • Top 3 - The Star’s Nation’s Favorite by Malaysian 
  • Top10 - Marketing Magazine’s Experts’ Choice