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It’s a jungle out there in the cyberspace filled with threats where scamming monkeys are lurking around every corner with their ever-evolving devious tricks to lure in unsuspecting Malaysians. From sweet durian deals at a fraction of the price to “dream” jobs that promise an easy buck, starry-eyed Malaysians are falling prey to enticing offers that are just too good to be true. 

71,833 scams. RM5.2 billion losses. Malaysians deserve a fighting chance. 

According to Bukit Aman’s Commercial Crime Investigation Department, out of the total number of scams reported, 68% were online scams. The concerning figures underscore an urgent need for action.


Maybank’s #MacamYesMaybeNot reminded Malaysians to stop and think about the legitimacy of offers that seem too good to be true. 

“Macam Yes, Maybe Not” is the Malaysian way of saying “seems like it but isn’t” – the most fitting phrase to get our precautions through to Malaysians. 

Harnessing the nation’s love for music, #MacamYesMaybeNot features a catchy contemporary tune to communicate viral scam tactics with an impact. 

Through one song, four languages, and a whole lot of twists, we crafted a memorable musical scam awareness piece that resonated so well with Malaysians, they had no choice but to listen.

  • -137% decreased in scam reports as tracked through Maybank's Fraud Hotline 
  • 72% of Maybank customers are satisfied with our scam communication efforts and 88% can recognize Maybank’s scam awareness ads
  • 34,000+ security awareness page views on Maybank2u 
  • 208,000+ reach for the hashtag #MacamYesMaybeNot 
  • 5,100,000+ video views 
  • 51.33% view-through rate 
  • 8,000+ engagement 
  • 2,000+ shares