The Market


The Challenge

Reading in the bathroom is a "classic" behavior.  But the digital age is replacing it with another: 90% of people take their phones to the toilet for social media, texting, gaming, etc.

The Idea

To help literature reclaim its rightful place, we created the first public restrooms that turn toilet-goers into literature users. With the use of motion activated speakers, each stall plays an audiobook to it captive audience.  With book-inspired exterior and interior designs, users felt  wholly immersed in each story.  Once people were hooked to a story, we invited them to continue the story in their own bathrooms through 30-day free trial scannable code.

Originally launched at Garden Beats, Singapore's biggest art and music festival, these ready-to-use stalls can be carried to any event. 

  • We created a low-tech, ready-to-use solution to push audiobook downloads whereever they are needed
  • Ad for Looterature by Storytel
  • Branded porta-potty for Storytel "Looterature" campaign
  • Inside view of Storytel's branded porta-potty
  • Ad for Looterature by Storytel
  • Woman entering branded porta-potty
  • Branded porta-potty for Storytel "Looterature" campaign
  • Mobile user viewing Storytel site