It's Time to Eat Together

The Market


The Challenge

Even though we're living in the best moment of human progress, we're still suffering from cultural clashes and separatism.

The Idea

Have Coca-Cola bring people together around the table during mealtime.

Flavors can achieve globally what religion, politics, culture and ideologies just can't. When a flavor is extraordinary, no border can stop it and any barrier can be knocked down by its power. That's why great food is accepted everywhere and enjoyed by anyone.

With a new global campaign from Geometry Mexico, bring all walks of life together sending the powerful message “It’s time to eat together” and urging people to sit together.


The new packaging is available in the Americas (excluding the US), Europe, Africa, Turkey and the Caucasus with three designs: Ethnicities, Generations, Occupations.

  • Círculo de Oro, Bronze (Craft Print / Best Illustration)
  • Circulo de Oro, Finalist (Design / Packaging Design)
  • Circulo de Oro, Finalist (Glass / Products, Services and NGOs)
  • El Ojo de Iberoamerica, Finalist (Print Production / Best Art Direction)
  • Círculo de Oro, Finalist (Design / Packaging Design)
  • Círculo de Oro, Finalist (Glass / Products, services and NGO's)
  • El Ojo de Iberoamerica, Shortlist (Print Production)
  • Coca-cola cans
  • Coca-cola cans
  • Ad for Coca-Cola
  • Coca-cola cans
  • Ad for Coca-Cola