In Saudi Arabia, Pepsi arrived first.  Now they are first in the market and first on media spend.  However, there's a place that Coca-Cola has owned for over a century: movies and tv shows.


Combining Coke’s pop-culture reach with machine learning in a new campaign in Saudi Arabia, we put Coca-Cola on viewers' lips every time it popped up on screen, bridging Amazon Alexa’s recently launched Khaleeji Arabic language capability with the in-home TV-watching experience.

By cataloging thousands of hours of content using machine learning, we identified hundreds of Coca-Cola placements and created customized replies with a discount voucher for Coke if they spotted the soft drink in a movie or TV and then told Alexa.

When a user said, “Alexa, I see Coke,” the device replied, “Where do you see it?”.  When the user named the movie or TV show, Alexa gave a witty reply along with the product offer.  For example, if the user says “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” Alexa will reply: “OK, Kevin! Here's a Coke to keep you company while your parents come get you”. Or if seen in Ghostbusters, Alexa may reply "Who you gonna call? share this Coke with". 

The movie and television list includes Jaws ("You’d better skip the swim and enjoy an ice cold Coca-Cola"), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ("Your spidey senses for Coca-Cola are keen"), Terminator ("I’ll be back ... with a Coke"), Inception ("I’m in sleep mode having a dream within a dream about Coca-Cola"), King Kong, Pulp Fiction, ET, Rocky, Stranger Things and more.

  • +234% brand awareness
  • 96% offer redemption
  • Most mentioned brand to Alexa
  • Cannes Lions, Silver (Radio & Audio)
  • New York Festivals, Gold, Commerce and Creativity: Best Use
  • New York Festivals, Silver, Commerce and Creativity: Best Use
  • New York Festivals, Silver, Print: Products & Services
  • New York Festivals, Silver, Collaborations & Partnerships: Product & Services