Dasani |  Coca-Cola

Hidden Influencers

The Market


The Challenge

Dasani, a water brand owned by Coca-Cola, was looking to relaunch in Pakistan. The objective was to provide the brand with a real point of difference to help it stand out in the sea of sameness that is the water category.

The Idea

Dasani ceded their entire advertising space – packaging, promotional, digital presence and experiential environments – to put a spotlight on female heroes championing societal change in Pakistan.


Dasani overachieved their marketing goals and the brand's digital engagement reached an all-time high in Pakistan, while those heroes were given a loud voice to raise funds and support for their causes.

  • +22 million views
  • 48% follower increase on Facebook
  • Cresta, Bronze (Brand Purpose – Brand Activism)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Social – Social Campaign)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Social – Influencer Campaigns)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Social – Innovative Use Of Social Media)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Branded Entertainment Videos)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Gender Equality, “Dasani Hidden Influencers: Equality Champion”)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Gender Equality, “Dasani Hidden Influencers: Digital Doctor”)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Digital – Social Media)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Digital Crafts  Music & Sound Design – Advertising/Communication)
  • Cresta, Shortlist (Film  Branded Content Film – Series –Advertising/Communication)
  • Pakistan Effies, Finalist (Influencers)
  • Ad Stars, Shortlist (Branded Entertainment)
  • Loeries, Finalist (Digital)
  • Loeries, Finalist (Digital Craft)
  • Loeries, Finalist (Film)