Heartbreak Ice Cream

The Market


The Challenge

When the pandemic hit Mexico, Elena's Helados had no choice but to close its stores.  This put the brand in a tough situation as they didn't have retail presence and depended almost entirely on in-store sales.  And with the big brands on every supermarket shelf, Elena's needed a way to truly stand out.

The Idea

People always turn to ice cream when going through a breakup.  But ice cream has never done much to actually make this painful process a bit more bearable.  Until now.  We introduced a new product - the 1L pint 'Adios Amor Adios'.  The special edition ice cream pint features five delicious flavor profiles strategically layered to match the five emotional stages of a breakup - Denial, Anger, Sadness, Acceptance, Hope.  And to make the painful process a bit more bearable, codes were assigned to every layer driving a unique digital experience and prizes.  

  • +230% website visits
  • +160% other ice cream flavor sales
  • +420 social media mentions
  • First lot sold out in the first week
  • Circulo de Oro, Silver (Digital & Social / Sites & Microsites)
  • Circulo de Oro, Silver (Digital & Social - Campaigns In Multiple Social Networks)
  • Circulo de Oro, Silver (Promotions & Activations / Candy, Snacks & Food)
  • Circulo de Oro, Shortlist (Promotions & Activations / Best Product Launch / Re-Launch)
  • PHNX Awards, Bronze (STRATEGY & TECHNIQUE: Brand activation)
  • DADI Awards, Winner (Retail) x2
  • Epica, Gold (Confectionery & Snacks)
  • Epica, Bronze (Humour in Advertising)