Even though both forms of Arabic exist (masculine and feminine), brands and government in the Middle East address women with the wrong pronouns on average every 17 seconds.  As a key partner to brands and the home of real-time conversations in the Middle East, Twitter needed brands to better reflect the voices of all genders.


Trigger change through the launch of #FeminineArabic, a new language feature that allows brands and users to address Arabic women as they should be addressed, as women.  And to popularize the movement, enlist support from the biggest influencers in the region – brands.

  • Trending topic in UAE, KSA and Egypt
  • +18MM impressions around the world
  • +190 brands have reached out for partnership
  • +140 media outlets covered the campaign
  • +50 brand campaigns committed to inclusive language
  • Cannes Lions, Silver (Social & Influencer / Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility)
  • Cannes Lions, Shortlist (Social & Influencer / Consumer Services / Business to Business)
  • Dubai Lynx, Grand Prix (Digital / Consumer Services/Business to Business)
  • Dubai Lynx, Silver (Direct / Use of Social/Digital Platforms)
  • Dubai Lynx, Shortlist (Creative Strategy / Corporate Purpose/Social Responsibility)
  • Dubai Lynx, Shortlist (Direct / Consumer Services/Business to Business)
  • Dubai Lynx, Shortlist (Glass)
  • Dubai Lynx, Shortlist (Mobile / Targeted Communication)
  • Dubai Lynx, Shortlist (Social & Influencer / Innovative Use of Community)
  • Dubai Lynx, Shortlist (Social & Influencer / Social Behavior/Cultural Insight)
  • Campaign Purpose of Power Awards, Shortlist (Diversity & Inclusion)