Baneasa Shopping City

The Fashion Experiment

The Market


The Challenge

Get Bucharest’s most fashionable shoppers to come out to the city's premium shopping mall, Baneasa Shopping City, for their winter sales.

The Idea

While the most popular fashion icons wear the same outfits every day as a personal trademark, how important is it to try new styles?  We looked to answer the same old question, "Do you keep a consistent style or try something new every day?".

Using two people – one male, one female – and two parallel Instagram accounts, we found out.  For each person's first Instagram account, they wore similar clothing every day.  On the second account we featured different outfits each time.  For each person's account, everything else was the same  same angles, same locations  only the outfits changed.

Over a month's time, followers voted on which outfits they liked most, never knowing they were actually involved in a fashion experiment that would become the headline for the brand's Winter Sales campaign.

  • 2.3 million fashion enthusiasts were exposed to the experiment
  • 60K people voted for their favorite style
  • KIAF, Silver (Retail & Public Services)
  • KIAF, Bronze (Native Advertising)
  • KIAF, Bronze (Use of Digital, Mobile & Social Platforms)
  • KIAF, Bronze (Online & Mobile)
  • KIAF, Bronze (Fashion)
  • White Square Festival, Shortlist (Integrated)
  • WOW DONE AWARDS, Bronze (Social & Influencer Marketing – Innovation in Social)
  • WOW DONE AWARDS, Bronze (Social & Influencer Marketing – Social Insight & Engagement)
  • WOW DONE AWARDS, Bronze (Industrial – Fashion. Style. Clothing .Jewelry. Accessories.)
  • WOW DONE AWARDS, Shortlist (Marketing & Digital Communication – Creative Data)