RDO Equipment Co. |  John Deere

Earth Flatteners

The Market


The Challenge

Believe it or not, there are people that think the Earth is flat.  They call themselves 'Flat Earthers'.  Theories have been raised and societies have been formed where many (including celebrities) try to logically explain why the Earth simply has no curve. No brand has ever engaged with this theory, until now.

The Idea

RDO Equipment Company and John Deere shook the industry by publicly declaring their mission to flatten the Earth.  With their technologically advanced Earth Flatteners, they do flatten Earth, just totally differently.  The campaign features tongue firmly planted in cheek videos, headlines and copy that promote the Earth flattening benefits of John Deere's construction dozers, loaders and graders across John Deere dealer RDO Equipment's local trade area.

  • CTR = 1.40%, double the average for the segment
  • Incremental sales exceeding 14x ROI
  • Cost per lead $44, 3x less than average cost
  • ADDY, Gold (Cross Platform-Integrated Advertising Campaigns)
  • ADDY, 2x Silver (Out-of-Home & Ambient Media)
  • ADDY, Silver (Online, Interactive, Social Media)
  • ADDY, 2x Silver (Online Film, Video, Sound)
  • DADI Awards, Finalist (Automotive & Transport)
  • DADI Awards, Finalist (Retail)
  • Epica, Silver (Automotive)
  • Epica, Bronze (Humor in Advertising)