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Dunk for the World Record at Walmart

The Market


The Challenge

OREO Cookies were putting so much energy into promoting all their new, exciting flavors, they hadn't talked much about their original cookie. As a result of this, sales of classic OREO Cookies were lagging at Walmart and they saw an opportunity to reignite this love.

The Idea

Ignite shoppers' dormant love for OREO Cookies by creating an experience that rallies around the innate behavior of dunking OREO cookies. We brought people together on the busiest shopping day at Walmart to dunk OREO Cookies with the possibility of setting a new World Record.


We secured our place in history with the Longest Cookie Dunking Relay title held by Walmart and OREO, brought people together and reignited shoppers' love of OREO cookies.

  • +86% increase in OREO Cookie sales at store #5299
  • +13% increase at Walmart stores nationwide
  • +26% increase in incremental Walmart cookie dollar sales
  • Reggies, Gold (Retailer Specific Campaigns)
  • Reggies, Bronze (Shopper Marketing)
  • Reggies, Bronze (Experiential Marketing, Budget Less Than $1,000,000)
  • Shopper Marketing Effies, Bronze (Omni-Channel Shopper Experience)
  • Shopper Marketing Effies, Shortlist (Loyalty)