Trident |  Mondelez


The Market


The Challenge

With brands everywhere trying to connect with Gen-Z, we knew Trident needed to find a unique way in. What we didn’t know was that our world—and every other brand world—was going to turn upside down in 2020 with all consumer behaviors shifting drastically due to the pandemic, gum-chewing among them. As consumers had transitioned to working from home and avoiding social events the usage occasion for “fresh” breath on the go drastically decreased. We needed to pivot, and quickly, by offering our audience a reason to continue to engage with the Trident brand and bring it back to top of mind.

The Idea

As said by Bob Marley, "one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."  

Data shows that people are happiest when they've found and move to their own inner rhythm.  This is proven by:

  • Playing a musical instrument can switch off the stress response that leads to anger, depression and ailments, improving physical and emotional health.
  • Music-making helps reduce the prevalence of burnout.
  • Music can help restore mental focus for improved performance.

The Chew Tunes program set out to dimensionalize the connection between music and happiness, drawing consumers in with an AR-enabled social on-pack activation. Using a custom filter, we turned packs of Trident Vibes gum into AR keyboards and Trident fans into music producers with a simple scan, play, and share mechanic.

The top five Trident SKUs featured different “sound banks” based on flavor (i.e. Rap, R&B, etc.), allowing consumers to create custom tracks, tunes and even music videos on social.  Once purchasing, consumers could open the pack to reveal the interactive AR music-making station and find it filled with tasty sounds and tools. When combining the purchases of these pack “sound banks” with others, consumers could add even more layers of flavor and sound (and driving trial of more than one flavor!). Once their musical masterpiece was complete, they could share it with the world on social media platforms for a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime prize. 


The results blew past industry standards, increasing awareness and relevance of Trident and generating millions of impressions going viral on social as it connected to its target personal, musical level.

  • 11 million sweepstakes entries through earned media, influencer partnerships and paid media.
  • 1.2 million visits to campaign microsite
  • Over 362 million impressions via paid media across Facebook/Instagram, Spotify, Waze, Twitter and YouTube2
  • Paid influencer amplification accounted for 113.7M of total paid impressions across Twitter and Facebook/Instagram
  • DADI Awards, 2x Finalist (Most Effective Use of VR and AR)
  • Effies Shopper Marketing, Finalist (Brand Content, Entertainment & Experience)
  • Effies Shopper Marketing, 2x Finalist (Commerce & Shopper)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Mobile)
  • One Show, Shortlist (Branded Entertainment)
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