Billboard Label




Every four years, hundreds of millions of fans around the world set their eyes on the World Cup, but when their team is playing and magic is on the pitch, there is one thing fans hardly set their eyes on – our billboards.

For the past 44 years, Coca-Cola has been investing millions of dollars on pitch side advertising that has easily turned into landscape or even worse, background noise.  So this World Cup, Coca-Cola turned passive media into action.


We created a mobile web app linked to live TV broadcast and time-locked during ever match, all fans had to do was spot a Coca-Cola billboard and be fast enough to match it with the bottle label to unlock an offer.

By partnering with Buffalo Wings, Colombia's top chicken wings restaurant and football fans' go-to venue, we took Coca-Cola from Qatari stadiums straight into Colombian fans' hands.

  • 16% conversion rate (14 points above benchmark)
  • +21% total sales (vs 5% forcasted)
  • +1.6MM fans engaged