What’s Next for the New Era of Digital Commerce?

Headshot of Michelle Whelan, CEO, VMLY&R COMMERCE UK

Michelle Whelan explores at eCommerce Expo

We have lived through one of the most unpredictable 12 months since the initial lockdowns and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 hit – leaving a lasting impact on our lives.

Digital strategies in commerce and marketing have been entirely reimagined and are still being grappled with. We have seen major retailers, supermarkets and long-established ecommerce platforms tested and some have struggled under the strain. With crisis comes great opportunity - we saw global ecommerce sales grow into the trillions of pounds.

This March, eCommerce Expo, billed as the seminal event for the ecommerce industry, brings together brands and experts delivering strategies for a new era of digital commerce. In three days of analysis and discussion on one of the most significant but unpredictable years in retail and marketing and asks - what next?

We’re delighted to be part of the conversation.

Michelle Whelan, our UK CEO, will be delving into growth strategies, looking at consumer behaviours across all retail channels, the rapid growth of D2C and Social Commerce. She joins Nadine Young, CEO of Starcom UK and Richard Robinson, MD of Xeim Advise to deep dive into “The role of Agencies in navigating the future of marketing beyond the pandemic”.

The Festival line-up includes Facebook, Adobe, WARC, Aspinal of London, William Grant & Sons, with more to be announced.

Please come and join us on Wednesday 3 March, 10.00 am to 10:30 am GMT.

We’re in the eCommerce Marketing for Growth Theatre.

It’s free entry, and available on demand too, simply click here to register: https://rfg.circdata.com/publish/CS21/?source=ecewebsit

Look forward to seeing you there.