VMLY&R COMMERCE UK and Coco de Mer Explore Female Pleasure & Sexual Wellness with #RevealYourPleasure Campaign

Two women in lingere from #RevealYourPleasure campaign by Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer, home of luxury lingerie and erotica, launches a social movement with the new “Reveal Your Pleasure” creative commerce campaign from VMLY&R COMMERCE UK.  The ambition is to remove censorship of female pleasure and shine a light on the power of female sensuality and sensual self-expression. The campaign breaks across the UK this autumn.
Coco de Mer has a strong narrative around championing female pleasure but the story has been difficult to tell because conversations remain blocked by social media platforms.  From art to culture, education to pornography, the female perspective on pleasure continues to take a back seat.
Explains Debbie Ellison, Global Chief Digital Officer, VMLY&R COMMERCE, “We wanted to help Coco de Mer reclaim this narrative by shining a light on how pleasure has been censored for centuries and is still censored today. Our aim is to build an organic social movement which bypasses censorship to celebrate female pleasure in all of its forms.”
The #RevealYourPleasure campaign is driven by a social commerce and ecommerce strategy: anchored in AR, influencer marketing, DM, in-store and PR. The movement taps into Instagram inviting women to share all things that bring them pleasure via hashtag #RevealYourPleasure.  While a #RevealYourPleasure Gallery will feature on the Coco de Mer platform for momentum.
Recruitment of global female influencers who champion sexual wellness and female pleasure are being enlisted for support. Each has received a copy of The Awakening by Kate Chopin.  The book, written in 1889, tells a story of pleasure from a female perspective. It was seen as a landmark piece of early feminism, condemned for being too explicit and removed from library shelves.
Inside each book is an encrypted bookmark. By holding a mobile phone over the bookmark, words from The Awakening are revealed using BlippAR augmented reality technology, providing a gateway to tell the Coco de Mer brand story.
Says Lucy Litwack, owner and CEO, Coco de Mer “The expression of female pleasure is often criticized or scandalized. It is little discussed nor truly understood.  So, we are reclaiming the narrative with our new campaign. Female pleasure and sexuality should be celebrated, not censored.”
To support the movement, Coco de Mer has curated an exclusive Reveal Your Pleasure Collection, which includes the brand’s favourite toys, lingerie, and intimate play items designed exclusively for female pleasure.
Ten percent of all sales from the collection will go to The Five Foundation [led by Nimco Ali OBE], a global partnership to end female genital mutilation (FGM), where FGM is the complete counter to female pleasure.  A cause Coco de Mer has long supported.
Latest insights

Coco de Mer’s recent poll exploring how sexual pleasure and wellbeing is defined and discussed by women shows surprising results.

  • women think about sex as often as men: with 80 percent of females up to five times day, and a further ten percent claiming it to be forefront of mind up to ten times a day. Debunking the popular myth that men’s thoughts turn to sex far more frequently than women.
  • sixty percent of women stated that sexual wellness plays an important part in their lives, with 30 percent claiming it to be highly important.
  • seventy-six percent of women believe female pleasure has been covered up.
  • only 54 percent of women ‘sometimes’ discuss pleasure with friends, while 12 percent said they would never discuss the subject. 
  • nationwide lockdown over the past 18 months has seen the need for sexual fulfilment increase - with 68 percent of women claiming to have greater need for sexual pleasure than pre Covid-19.

Creative Credits

  • Debbie Ellison, Global Chief Digital Officer, VMLY&R COMMERCE 
  • Richard Hartle, Creative Director, VMLY&R COMMERCE UK
  • Samantha Peters, Digital Senior Account Director, VMLY&R COMMERCE UK
  • Chris Kirkley, Creative Technologist, VMLY&R COMMERCE UK
  • Iain Beale, UX Director, VMLY&R COMMERCE UK
  • Victoria Chase, Senior Copywriter, VMLY&R COMMERCE UK
  • Christian Martin, Designer, VMLY&R COMMERCE UK
  • Rosie Crocker, Project Manager, VMLY&R COMMERCE UK
  • Alex Hammerl, 3D Animator, VMLY&R COMMERCE UK