VMLY&R Commerce Takes Home 5 Medals at Effies

Five North American Effie Awards statues with text that says "5 winners + 6 finalists)

VMLY&R Commerce had a strong showing at the North America Effie Gala with a total of 11 finalists across clients Kimberly-Clark, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, and MolsonCoors.

The end-to-end Creative Commerce Company took home 5 medals – 2 Silver Effies for Kimberly Clark’s Kleenex with Sam’s Club for "The Big Split for College", in the Commerce & Shopper: Seasonal Event category, as well as the Industry: Household Supplies category.

The team also won 3 Bronze Effies for the following entries: Coca-Cola Creations "Starlight" in the Commerce & Shopper: New Product/Service Introduction category, and General Mill’s Nature Valley Adventure Quarters and Mondelez’ Crackers with the "Charcuterie Life", both in the Commerce & Shopper: Single Retailer Program/Supermarkets category.

Michelle Baumann, Chief Strategy Officer, and Commerce & Shopper juror, said, “This was an extremely competitive year for our winners as the attention on Commerce grows. I’m thrilled with how amazingly strong our teams showed up across brands and categories, demonstrating that insights-driven creativity converts.”

Tyler Murray, US, CEO, added, “I want to offer a huge congratulations to our client partners who have been bravely pushing the envelope to drive a new type of engagement across commerce channels. Seeing our agency receive the most points in the Shopper & Commerce program for two years in a row is testament to the vision and dedication that together we put forth each day on behalf of brands.  Our belief is that creativity is the most actionable lever of business profitability, and we’re committed to bringing forward exciting, and effective creative commerce ideas that drive our clients’ business forward.” 

Full list of VMLY&R Commerce Effies US winners and finalists:

General Mills “Adventure Quarters”

  • 1 x Bronze (Commerce & Shopper: Single Retailer Program: Supermarkets)
  • 1 x SHORTLIST (Commerce & Shopper: Media Innovation)

Kimberly Clark “Sam’s Club – The Big Split for College”

  • 2 x Silver (Industry: Household Supplies; Commerce & Shopper: Seasonal/Event)

Kimberly Clark “Tissue Sessions for Change”

  • 1 x SHORTLIST (Audience: Multicultural: Products)

Molson Coors/Coors Lite “Calendar Blocker"

  • 1 x SHORTLIST (Commerce & Shopper: Seasonal/Event: Products)

Molson Coors/Coors Lite “Brewed in Ohio”

  • 1 x SHORTLIST (Marketing Innovation Solutions: Business/Product/Service Innovation)

Mondelez “Mondelez Crackers and the Charcuterie Life”

  • 1 x Bronze (Commerce & Shopper: Single Retailer Program: Supermarkets)

Coca-Cola “A Taste of Space: Coca-Cola Creations Starlight”

  • 1 x Bronze (Commerce & Shopper: New Product/Service Introduction)
  • 2 x SHORTLIST (Audience: Youth Marketing: Products; Commerce & Shopper: Single Retailer Program: Mass Merchants)