VMLY&R COMMERCE Romania Wins Red Dot Design Award 2021

New brand identity for the Romanian Gymnastics Federation

VMLY&R COMMERCE Romania has won a Red Dot award for their pro-bono rebranding work with the Romanian Gymnastics Federation (FRG) in the Corporate Design & Identity category.  The new FRG logo and visual identity intertwine the initials of the three key words that characterize gymnastics: Strength, Rhythm and Grace.

The visual identity of FRG highlights the ongoing process of revitalizing one of Romania’s most loved sports – one with a history of being the most recognized and awarded internationally.  The new identity serves as a key moment of rebirth for the sport – one where the past, along with its fundamental values, are held onto, while at the same time ensuring they are reinterpreted in a modern way.

“Romanian gymnastics is undergoing a process of reconstruction. The new logo and visual identity are a symbolic first step that hides in it the idea that the distance between us and the current world forces can be recovered. The Red Dot Award, one of the largest branding competitions in the world, confirms this step. Romanian sports deserve effort and support to become modern and competitive again. All the more so for gymnastics – the most awarded Olympic discipline in the history of Romania. And it is important that this first step does not remain the only one,” commented Alex Petrescu, Strategy & Creative Director, VMLY&R COMMERCE Romania.

VMLY&R COMMERCE Romania Senior Art Director Bianca Dragu continued, “The rebranding of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation is that design project that appears once in a lifetime. Strength, rhythm and grace are the three key elements that blend harmoniously in the execution of the ‘10’ exercise. Thus, the FRG logo becomes the visual expression of performance in gymnastics through the three reinterpreted initials, reminiscent of Nadia Comăneci’s first Olympic ‘10’ and the innovative spirit of Romanian gymnastics. The Red Dot Award 2021 celebrates the quality of FRG’s visual identity design and places the institution visually among the top international sports brands. The new visual identity of FRG presents to the world Romanian gymnastics in an authentic form – the most awarded sports institution in Romania now has a visual identity to match,” continued Bianca Dragu, Senior Art Director, VMLY&R COMMERCE Romania.

The Red Dot Design Award is a German international design prize awarded by Red Dot GmbH & Co. for high design quality.



  • Andreea Răducan, Irina Mosor, Virginia Oprișan


  • Alex Petrescu – Creative Strategist
  • Bianca Dragu – Senior Art Director
  • Rareș Dumitrel – Group Creative Director
  • Madalina Gogu – Account Director