VMLY&R COMMERCE Launches New Data and Insight Hub, ‘Muslim & Halal Lab’

Muslim woman shopping in market

New lab to provide brands with insight and intelligence on Muslim consumers

VMLY&R COMMERCE today announced the launch of Muslim Lab, a new data and insights hub which aims to help brands explore and understand the needs, aspirations, and behaviors of Muslim consumers particularly in this part of the region.

Focused on Malaysia and Indonesia, VMLY&R COMMERCE’s Muslim Lab aims to provide brands in the region with a stronger understanding of the countries’ 250m strong Islamic communities, across all market segments,  and Halal product categories.

“Muslims represent around 85 per cent of Indonesia and 60 per cent of Malaysia’s total population. It’s fundamental that brands from different sectors can understand the culture, values, and behaviors of this segment if they want to connect and engage with audiences in ways that are relevant, meaningful, and timely. We believe this is key in building a more loved and efficient brand," said Filipe Lampreia, Chief Strategy Officer, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Muslim Lab unifies data from across multiple sources and partners to uncover intelligence and insights across all cultural touch points, spanning values, lifestyle, commerce and media behaviors. Clients will gain invaluable access to build meaningful strategies in consideration of personal shopping habits, media channel consumption, social and entertainment preferences, and more.

Leveraging the findings from the Muslim Lab, the agency has already piloted campaigns for brands including Astro and Carsome. With this launch announcement, the service is now available to its existing clients in both Malaysia and Indonesia.

“In Malaysia and Indonesia alone, there is vast and sophisticated diversity of Muslims due to culture, geography, income and urban/rural living. With Muslim Lab, brands will be able to have quality data that leads to unique insights, and with unique insights come great opportunities for brands to better connect their messaging across their connected commerce channels,” added Kenni Loh, Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia and Indonesia.