VMLY&R COMMERCE Launches Consulting Firm in Andean Region


VMLY&R COMMERCE announces the launch of the consulting firm in the Andina region. The new company is part of the VMLY&R family of brands and companies and will be focused on value creation and creative solutions in a world full of transaction opportunities without limits of time or place.

The consulting team is comprised of local, regional and global talent, including Roy Armale, Jeremy Cohen, Cesar Montes, John Lynn, Luis Fernando Dugand, Catalina Sanchez, German Yunes, Camilo Afanador and Xavier Serrano. On the regional spectrum this new company is part of the VMLY&R family led by John Lynn in LATAM, Beth Ann Kaminkow and Jon Cook globally.

"Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are integrated markets with great opportunities for integrated growth solutions. It is a world that does not distinguish barriers of time, place and moment. That is why we have brought our proprietary Living Commerce Platform ® to ensure that we deliver to all customers a new value proposition in terms of conversion, transaction and growth," Xavier Serrano stated.

The consultancy is a new company launched globally in January 2021 and seeks to unite talent in a mission to "#reimagineCommerce", which is a commitment to optimizing and finding new sources of growth for brands across commercial ecosystems to drive conversion capacity and build brands.

It will work together with all the companies in the VMLY&R family and will continue to synergize across all WPP companies in the region.