VMLY&R COMMERCE Garners 12 Wins at Clio Awards

Clio award on a black background with text that reads "Clio"

VMLY&R COMMERCE has brought home 12 wins at this year’s Clio Awards – 2 Gold, 8 Silver and 2 Bronze – across clients Corona, Unilever, Seki Milk, Spotify Japan and Coca-Cola.  Teams across Mexico, India, Japan, Colombia, and Argentina were part of the award-winning work.

VMLY&R Commerce Mexico won 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze for Corona’s Jersey Pay.  The award-winning campaign turned football jerseys into digital wallets.  The campaign picked up a Digital Grand Prix at last year’s Clio Sports.

Unilever’s Smart Fill campaign from VMLY&R Commerce India picked up 4 Silver and 1 Bronze.  The industry-defining initiative offers consumers an innovate option to reuse their plastic bottles by refilling products with Unilever products via in-store vending machines.

Geometry Ogilvy Japan picked up 1 Silver for Seki Milk’s Milk Manga and an additional Silver for Spotify Japan’s Sound Tour.  With 65% of elementary kids not receiving the recommended nutritional balance for dairy in many parts of Japan, Milk Manga leveraged kids’ love of manga with a 4-frame design painted on the bottle in white, revealing more of the comic story as kids drank up.  Meanwhile, Spotify Japan’s Sound Tour launched specially curated experiences using ambient Spotify Codes to reacquaint local sounds and culture in a fresh, modern way as Japanese tourists turned back towards domestic travel as a result of the pandemic.

Rounding out the night’s wins was Coca-Cola’s Billboard Label in conjunction with Buffalo Wild Wings, a collaboration between VMLY&R Commerce Colombia and Argentina, which garnered a Silver.  Launched during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the mobile commerce experience used a new hybrid technology mixing augmented reality and live streaming to turn stadium billboards into a Coca-Cola with buffalo wings.

Grand Winners will be announced on April 25, 2023, at the Clio Awards Ceremony.

The Clio Awards is an annual award program that recognizes innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design, and communication, as judged by an international panel of advertising professionals. 

VMLY&R Commerce winners include:

VMLY&R Commerce Mexico
  • Gold – Corona’s Jersey Pay (Creative Commerce/Mobile Led Commerce)
  • Gold – Corona’s Jersey Pay (Creative Commerce/Payment Solutions)
  • Silver – Corona’s Jersey Pay (Creative Business Transformation/Experience)
  • Bronze – Corona’s Jersey Pay (Experience/Activation/Digital/Mobile)
  • Shortlist – Corona’s Jersey Pay (Digital/Mobile/E-commerce)
VMLY&R Commerce India
  • Silver – Unilever’s Smart Fill (Creative Commerce/In-Store Experience)
  • Silver – Unilever’s Smart Fill (Creative Commerce/Sustainable Commerce)
  • Silver – Unilever’s Smart Fill (Experience/Activation/Other)
  • Silver – Unilever’s Smart Fill (Public Relations/Environmental Products)
  • Bronze -- Unilever’s Smart Fill (Creative Business Transformation/Services)
  • Shortlist – Unilever’s Smart Fill (Direct/Experience/Activation)
  • Shortlist – Unilever’s Smart Fill (Media/Retail)
Geometry Ogilvy Japan
  • Silver – Seki Milk’s Milk Manga (Design Craft/Graphic)
  • Silver – Spotify Japan’s Sound Tour (Design Craft/Other)
  • Bronze – Spotify Japan’s Sound Tour (Design/Spatial Design)
  • Shortlist – Spotify Japan’s Sound Tour (Print & Out of Home Craft/Art Direction)
  • Shortlist – Seki Milk’s Milk Manga (Design/Direct Marketing)
VMLY&R Commerce Colombia/Argentina
  • Silver – Coca-Cola’s Billboard Label (Creative Commerce/Innovative Use of Channel)
VMLY&R Commerce US
  • Shortlist – Continental’s Beer Brochure (Media/Specific Target Audience)