VMLY&R COMMERCE Announces Exclusive Tie Up with e-Commerce Leader Shopmatic

Shopmatic logo

VMLY&R COMMERCE today announced an exclusive partnership with with Shopmatic, a leading e-commerce platform.

The agreement involves the creation of a co-branded commerce platform ‘Oh My Cart’, a one-click, channel-neutral commerce solution for client partners. Stacked with the agency’s Commercial Growth Consulting offering, this makes VMLY&R COMMERCE the only agency or consulting network to deliver an end-to-end commerce solution to clients, from Commercial Growth consulting to completing actual transaction and last mile logistics. As part of the agreement, the agency plans to roll out solution stacks on the platform that span social commerce through to rural commerce to general trade commerce on-boarding by the end of the year.

Beth Ann Kaminkow, Global CEO of VMLY&R Commerce and CEO, VMLY&R New York, said, “We work every day to build unifying client strategies around commerce, to drive both brand equity and conversion. With Shopmatic’s diverse commerce platforms, be it Chat, Social, Webstores or Marketplaces, we can now offer our clients solutions in all the places their customers are, not only streamlining the experience but improving every interaction a customer has with our client’s brands.”

Shopmatic co-founder and CEO Anurag Avula, described the partnership as game changing. He said, “The partnership with VMLY&R brings us access to the world’s largest companies across categories such as FMCG, Automotive, Rural and more. In addition, we are able to harness VMLY&R’s ability to drive volume and value through our co-branded platform.”

The deal signed through VMLY&R’s Asia HQ was described as ‘paradigm shifting’ by Hari Ramanathan, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer for VMLY&R Asia. He said “Partnering with Shopmatic, allows us to move clients to very margin-friendly D2C and 3P models. Combined with our existing growth hacking solution for marketplaces, we can co-own commercial outcomes with brand owners, rather than simply selling our products and services. With Shopmatic, we are entering a new era for commerce partnerships with clients.”

In its 6 years of operations, Shopmatic onboarded  one million merchants and clocked $400 Mn in GMV . The company is well set on its path to cross the five million merchants mark over the next three years with $3 billion GMV.

Added Shenaz Bapooji, CMO, Shopmatic Group, “These are exciting times for ecommerce and the possibilities to open up online commerce for brands and the entire distribution chain are immense. Partnering with a forward looking like VMLY&R to drive the commerce agenda for MNC s who are still to realise the true potential of ecommerce, will prove to be immensely exciting for all of us in Shopmatic.”

Oh My Cart, powered by Shopmatic, is launching in India and rolling out globally by the end of this year.