Virtual Event for Nivea Men Breaks Guinness World Records®

Geometry Encompass in partnership with Nivea Men has launched a digital live experience as part of the Nivea Men Acne Face Wash campaign #EkMinuteMeinAwesome.

The campaign puts a spotlight on the importance of skincare as it introduces its new product with the focus of being acne free in just a minute a day.

To launch this new product, Geometry Encompass united 119 men via live stream to share their skincare practices and confessions, while also breaking the Guinness World Records® for the ‘Most People Washing Their Face Online Simultaneously’.

“The Guinness record is special for a lot of reasons. As we embrace what has become our new normal, it showcases the evolution of experiential – where creative agility and innovative execution are both key in delivering creative commerce solutions today,” says Geometry Encompass CEO Ranjit Raina.

Neha Bagchi, Associate Business Director at Geometry Encompass, continued, “When innovation is the only option, your way forward can only evolve. That’s how we approached the Nivea brief. Launching a product during a pandemic without the traditional fanfare needed something unique – and unique is what we delivered. We created the first of its kind virtual event, broke a world record, and presented a new face wash to the country. It’s how we do things around here.”

Earlier this summer Geometry Encompass announced the launch of its digital live experience practice Pro.digi, to help brands connect with their consumers in the virtual space.