Unveiling the Truth on Recyclable Materials

Man sitting in chair by television

Geometry Colombia (a VMLY&R COMMERCE agency) unveils its latest campaign for Acoplásticos, the Colombian trade association for major plastics and manufacturing companies.  “Do It, But Do It Right” confronts environmental issues and opens the debate on whether commercial, ideological and institutional information is reliable.

With the creation of a new consumer – social media’s “keyboard activists” – social networks are daily increasing in the number of people expressing their position, behaviour and habits in hopes of gaining followers.

Geometry Colombia’s new campaign makes a scathing criticism of both these people and products, seeking to raise awareness about the information we consume.  The campaign invites us to dig deeper and investigate the news that we find – ensuring that we are not replicating what in actuality is false information.

Touching on different key points in the environmental process, the newly created Cyclonomy channel details the untold truths about materials, such as plastics, that have been condemned across the world without allowing them a chance to defend themselves.