Unique Ramadan Campaign Modernizes Traditional Street Food

Family and friends eating around a table

A dynamic campaign from VMLY&R COMMERCE MENA is elevating ‘foul’ from street vendor meals to a packaged, in-home staple. The creative commerce company has shifted the perception of the humble fava bean dish, announcing the tasty, affordable, hygienic and convenient Foul El Arabeya product range.

It’s "foul", but not as you know it

The new “Fawelha Genan” song track for Americana Foul is modernizing the perception of "foul", which has long been considered the most popular street food across Egypt. Americana’s product offers the best of both worlds: the authentic taste of  local street ‘foul’ carts but all hygienically packed in a can, made with 100% Fava beans and with zero preservatives, so you can have it at home, at any time, without a single worry!

Appearing on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms, the catchy song is performed entirely in Arabic, inviting listeners to “adopt Americana as your ‘foul’ lifestyle”. The playful lyrics are centered around “فولھا جنان”, meaning “it’s all crazy”. In addition, the word “fawelha” is very similar to the word “foul” – amplifying the sense of fun with some very clever wordplay.

Leila Katrib, Creative Director of VMLY&R COMMERCE in Dubai explained, “We’re aware that during Ramadan family time will revolve around meals, and we wanted to put a fun spin on choosing what to eat. With ‘foul’, we have a renowned dish that’s affordable, convenient and healthy – it simply needed a pop culture push, and a splash of fun.”

The Egyptian market mostly consumes foul in its loose format, with consumption happening mostly out of the home environment. With the “Fawelha Genan” campaign, the product is propelled as convenient, tasty and nutritious, with hygienic packaging. Americana’s Foul El Arabeya product range is now available across all  major supermarkets and outlets in Egypt.