Shopstreaming: The Next Big Thing in Commerce

With the acceleration of digital commerce, social media has evolved from a place for the virtual community to connect to a vital tool to help drive business growth. Social networks have long helped brands build equity, but now they are offering sales and payment functionality to support live shopping experiences, connecting that equity to purchase.

The intersection of shopping and livestreaming

This new trend, Shopstreaming, is here to stay. The intersection of shopping and livestreaming is forcing brands to rethink and redesign the entire customer journey, bridging the gap between experience and conversion.

Through the intelligent connection of brands and commerce touchpoints, there is now even greater opportunity to seamlessly and efficiently increase sales potential and customer value. Those organizations willing to invest in a social commerce strategy and a dedicated e-commerce environment are poised to win.

We explore how social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and online marketplace (e.g. Amazon Live) are investing in new functionality, creative formats, and data and technology integrations to maximize user and brand value, and deliver commerce experiences that convert.