Reimagining Influencer Marketing - How to Connect Likes and Commerce to Drive Business Growth

Girl standing against a wall.

In the past couple of years, there has been a noticeable shift across Influencer Marketing as brands move away from one-dimensional engagement. Influencers are no longer seen as a way to drive only brand awareness but a way to spark the last click. Covid-led behavior changes and shoppable content have supercharged the influencer/consumer relationship. This has led to major evolution and advancements at the big social networks that has empowered influencers with new shopping features, formats, checkout possibilities and more. We see this with TikTok Shop Now, Instagram Shopping from Creators, Instagram Branded Content, Pinterest and influencer e-commerce Apps. Influencers have even become small production houses in their own right, creating locally and culturally relevant content that beats traditional production houses on cost.

Influencer marketing is being reimagined and has become intrinsically linked to purchase -- this is Influencer Commerce. It is accessible to any brand and making its way into brand’s social commerce strategies. From the solutions available to best practices for optimizing and measuring Influencer Commerce, check out the white paper to learn how to turn likes into real business growth.