Prime Opportunities: Global Analysis of Prime Day and Beyond

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Launched in the US in 2015, Amazon Prime Day has spread globally to become one of the major events on the annual shopping calendar. But did this year’s Prime Day lag behind previous efforts, or in a tight economic environment, did it rise to new sales heights?  

Explore expert analysis from around the planet on Prime Day 2023 – including VMLY&R Commerce's Global Ecommerce expert James Galland, UK’s Michelle Whelan, US’ Megan Hoppenjans, Asia’s Hari Ramanathan and Nick Pan, hosted by VMLY&R Commerce's Jon Bird and BAV’s David Roth.

Watch as they identify the implications and opportunities for brands now and in the future – both in other shopping days leading to the holiday season, and in planning for Prime Day 2024. Discover fresh BAV retail insights, and learn how Amazon has earned its place in the BAV Most Influential Global Retail Brands 2023.

You may also download our Prime Day results recap, capturing the key stats, takeaways, and opportunities from this two-day global event. Note: the data is primarily from the US unless otherwise stated.