My Takeaways from SparkLabs Taipei Demo Day

Spark Labs Day 4 demo day in Taipei

We live in an era where commerce is no longer defined by transactions bound by time, places, and the present. Commerce, as it has evolved and continues to do so, is now fueled by transformative creativity in technology and design, and driven by the “fail fast, iterate faster,” or “urgent execution,” approach to innovation.

In Taiwan, we are seeing major players in the retail category, such as PX Mart and Family Mart, taking up such approach to business innovation by adopting an “open innovation” relationship with emerging or coming-of-age local startups.

SparkLabs Taipei, Taiwan’s top start-up accelerator program, hosted its annual DemoDay where game-changing startups, new technologies and innovations are showcased and celebrated. Besides being a place where entrepreneurs and founders can share their vision and discussions on the latest tech and inspiration, startup pitch events such as SparkLabs are also where growth-ambitious brands look for the next tech partners to collaborate.

Taiwan is one of the few places where, on a typical workday, a full-house auditorium event like SparkLabs Taipei Demo Day can still happen amidst a global pandemic and the new normal of social distancing. Eight startups were selected to pitch at this year’s event with a few worth exploring as opportunities to accelerate the future of Creative Commerce.

Pickup is a data-driven, AI-enabled logistic platform dedicated to supporting merchants with flexible and cost-effective solutions. Its proprietary technology dynamically group orders in clusters and utilizes predictive pricing to match the most suitable courier with the lowest marginal costs. Pickupp’s client base ranges from eCommerce, retailers, and food & beverages to multinational 3rd party logistics. It has the ability to drive greater efficiency across fulfilment as retailers address the exponential growth in ecommerce activity. To know more:

OakMega is a 1st native social CRM that helps business to acquire 1st-party data. It provides omnichannel instant messaging CRM solutions for businesses. Data and tech-enabled, Oakmega’s platform can connect brands and people with human touch. To know more:

TRESL was founded in Palo Alto, CA in 2018 by two LinkedIn Data Scientists to make data-driven marketing easy. TRESL’s Segment Analytics is an eCommerce intelligence platform that helps to bridge the gap between growing online shopping and increasing customer acquisition cost. Segment Analytics analyzes 1st party data points to provide marketing optimization across complex digital customer journeys. To know more:

As a Creative Commerce agency, we are on a constant journey to what is new and innovative, harnessing technology to deliver engaging, frictionless solutions for our clients. The way these startups presented their business model has given me a new insight on how to reimagine commerce and we will keep exploring our knowledge.

Upcoming is the 2020 Meet Taipei Startup Festival, the largest startup festival in APAC ( Stay tuned!

- Justine Chen is Senior Account Manager at Geometry Taiwan