Mexican Ice Cream Brand Elena’s Launches the First Ice Cream that Helps Consumers Get Over Heartbreak

‘Adiós Amor Adiós’ is an ice cream that really has your back

‘Adiós Amor Adiós’ is your loyal break-up companion with the perfect flavor for every stage – Denial, Anger, Sadness, Acceptance, Hope.  Local ice cream brand Elena’s introduces a new product that really has your back as it takes on the big players in Mexico.

For centuries, people have turned to the healing powers of a pint of ice cream, digging right in with a spoon for days or weeks on end until their emotional pain gradually subsides.  But has ice cream ever proven its real ability to heal a broken heart?

Elena’s taps into a unique insight to turn a common behavior into more than a cliché with its heartbreak 1L pint -- ‘Adiós Amor Adiós.’

The special edition ice cream pint features five delicious flavor profiles strategically layered to match the emotional stages of a breakup, including Matcha Tea for Anger, which raises serotonin, GABA, and dopamine levels, resulting in its millenary relaxing effects, or Dark Chocolate for Sadness, rich in amino acids to help the brain release endorphins that lower stress levels and trigger a general sense of happiness.

‘Adiós Amor Adiós’ is also making the painful process a bit more bearable with special codes embedded into every 1L pint offering consumers advice and prize offers such as free delivery of their ex’s clothing to a local donation site (for the “Anger” stage) or a free Tinder Gold subscription (for the “Hope” stage).

"As we lean more into ecommerce to boost our online sales, we found that bringing empathy to the table goes a long way to driving meaningful engagement. This pint is reflection of that understanding of our consumers and their relationship with ice cream. We hope it brings a bit of fun and optimism to get through adversity,” said Luz Elena del Bosque, Brand Manager, Elena’s.

To accelerate online sales during the pandemic, the launch of ‘Adios Amor Adios’ is supported by a 360 digital program with an emphasis on social driving purchase through Elena’s e-commerce channels, including a devoted microsite at The overall experience is enabling the discovery of relevant content as they eat their way through the tub to make this special edition a fun, but most importantly, healing journey where the brand has people’s back during the whole process.

Agency Credits: 

  • Global Chief Creative Officer: Manuel Bordé 
  • Executive Creative Director LatAm: Juan José Posada 
  • Executive Creative Director: Adriano Lombardi 
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