Mental Health Advocacy Brand Launches Self-Care Awareness Campaign with Kleenex

Woman in chair drinking from coffee cup, next to 5 boxes of Kleenex with text that reads "Kleenex + Self Care is for everyone; Only at Target"

Self-Care Is For Everyone®, a mental health advocacy brand, is proud to announce a partnership with Kleenex®, available now at Target®, to amplify the message that self-care matters and to encourage everyone to reach out in times of need.

Kleenex®, Target®, and Self-Care Is For Everyone® are uniting to inspire hope by sharing gentle reminders and valuable self-care resources to remind every person that they are not alone and to always reach out for support. Beginning January 2023, Kleenex is introducing six limited-edition tissue boxes that will only be available at Target for six months and will feature the artwork of four talented diverse artists well known to the Self-Care Is For Everyone community. Featured in this special Self-Care Awareness Collection: multidisciplinary artist Almudena Rocca, hand-lettering illustrator & social justice advocate Cami Zea, designer & mom Jess Rachel Sharp, and Black & Queer mental health advocate Nia Patterson.

“Everyone’s mental health is at risk when the weight of life’s stressors gets in the way of self-care and access to community support,” shares Jonathan Martofel, licensed therapist and co-founder of Self-Care Is For Everyone. “Our own wonderful community is made up of dedicated caregivers, teachers, nurses, athletes, and creatives, all who lead with vulnerability and often share that every day can be a real struggle to navigate, while they may present happy on the surface, inside they are experience feelings of low self-worth, burnout, and isolation.”

Prioritizing Self Care

Each box tells a story and serves as a vibrant and meaningful reminder to go at your own pace and to prioritize taking care of yourself. Some of the kind and hopeful messages in the Kleenex x Self-Care Is For Everyone edition boxes include: ‘One Day At A Time’, ‘Healing Is Never Linear’, and ‘You Are Doing So Much Better Than You Think You Are.’ To learn more about the inspiration behind the designs, be sure to visit the collection landing page at that shows a video with all the artists from this special partnership talking about their mental health and how self-care makes a difference to them.

“Kleenex® is proud to partner with Self-Care is for Everyone. This was a phenomenal opportunity for us to help amplify the voice of a diverse group of mental health advocates,” said William Dunn, Senior Brand Manager, U.S. Kleenex® Brand. “We worked with these talented artists to highlight messages of self-care featuring positive, uplifting reminders with colorful designs. With this collaboration we’re looking to help our consumers find strength in everyday moments of vulnerability.”

"Practicing self-care is not an isolated act, but one that recognizes the importance of community and the need to reach out and stay connected. It is in community where someone can feel seen, supported and reminded of their worth,” shares Sasha Aronzon-Martofel, co-founder of Self-Care Is For Everyone. “We hope this partnership will help get these healing messages out to those who are struggling with their mental health and who may be feeling that they are hard to love. We hope that they know how loved they truly are and how much they matter in this world."

Recognizing the barriers that exist to accessing mental health resources, the collection landing page also includes a free printable mini activity book that offers coloring pages to practice mindfulness, self-care worksheets with conversation starters and creative activities repurposing the tissue boxes, downloadable phone wallpapers and a music playlist full of uplifting songs. Be sure to follow @selfcareisforeveryone and @kleenex to learn more and to stay connected.