Marketdata Sweeps ABEMD Awards

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Agency Named Best CRM Agency of the Year

Brazil’s Marketdata has swept the ABEMD Awards, Brazil’s well-known Marketing & Data Awards.  The agency has been named Best CRM Agency of the Year – the tenth time the agency has been recognized with this honor – in addition to bringing home a Grand Prix for their work on RCI Bank Personalized Videos.

The Grand Prix win was one of 12 wins the agency garnered at ABEMD, which also included 3 Golds, 6 Silvers and 2 Bronze across the categories of digital/mobile, creation, CRM and campaigns.

The agency was also honored with a special tribute for their creation of Marketdata Academy, an ongoing social initiative that aims to train professionals for the technology market with special emphasis on young adults and those over 50.

Hosted by the Brazilian Association of Direct Marketing, the ABEMD Awards is recognized for traditionally driving innovative ideas throughout Brazil.

Marketdata’s full list of wins includes:

  • Best CRM Agency of the Year
  • Grand Prix – RCI Bank Personalized Videos
  • Gold – Banco RCI Personalized Videos (Creation)
  • Gold – Banco RCI Personalized Videos (Digital/Mobile Category)
  • Gold – Volvo (CRM)
  • Silver – Renault (Campaigns)
  • Silver – Optical Carol (Campaigns)
  • Silver – Nissan (Campaigns)
  • Silver – Carol (CRM)
  • Silver – Nissan (CRM)
  • Silver – RCI optics (CRM)
  • Bronze – Clear (CRM)
  • Bronze – Dexco (Campaigns)