Living Your Brand Purpose in Commerce


In a new series from Geometry, we ‘reimagine’ the topic of Brand Purpose. 

The conversation on purpose has been pushed to the forefront of marketing and commerce strategies. Brands are realizing that embodying a meaningful purpose has to be something bigger than "saying something about Coronavirus or issuing manifestos that the company supports worthy causes.” 

At Geometry, we strongly believe Purpose is not something to be preached but lived. Like Living Commerce, it is not just what brands say but what brands DO that we believe has the greatest positive impact.

We call it "Living Purpose,” lived through every touchpoint and grounded in empathy, utility and meaning.

In this Reimagine edition: Living Your Brand Purpose in Commerce, we explore the evolution of branding from ‘push marketing’ to the ‘commerce revolution’ to guide marketers on how to move from preaching brand purpose to living purpose in commerce.