India Wins at The One Show

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VMLY&R COMMERCE had an incredible showing at this year’s The One Show! Our team from India and the US converted five wins across 15 shortlists.  The wins included Bronze for VMLY&R COMMERCE India’s Hackwashing, which also received a Merit, and three Merits for VMLY&R COMMERCE US' OREO Stuf Scan

India has a population of over 1.3 billion people, but over 60% don’t use soap to wash their hands. This habit has caused fatal diseases to spread easily throughout the country. In an effort to stop the spread, VMLY&R COMMERCE India teamed up with Lifebuoy to create Hackwashing. This wearing ink, made from Lifebuoy formula, doubles as an antibacterial hand soap when combined with water. During the religious festival Kumbh Mela, the world’s largest human gathering, the attendees were stamped with this ink and protected against germs and infections. This forward-thinking solution achieved 30% fewer infections than last year’s festival and it also earned VMLY&R COMMERCE India a Bronze and a Merit award.

In addition to VMLY&R COMMERCE India’s wins, our US team scored three Merit awards for their Oreo Stuf Scan campaign. Since black and white sneakers have been using the Oreo name for years, VMLY&R COMMERCE US teamed up with Mondelez to create an innovative commerce experience to turn these sneakers into cookies. Access the Oreo Stuf Scan website from a phone, use the smart-scan technology to scan any black and white sneaker, and watch it turn into a two-for-one Oreo cookie coupon.  

The One Show is one of the world’s most prestigious awards shows in the creative industry. Ranging from advertising to design to digital marketing, this show offers awards for all categories. 

VMLY&R COMMERCE’s wins include:

  • Bronze – VMLY&R COMMERCE India/Lifebuoy Hackwashing - Experiential/Immersive/Events
  • Merit – VMLY&R COMMERCE India/Lifebuoy Hackwashing - Direct Marketing
  • Merit – VMLY&R COMMERCE US/Mondelez Oreo Stuf Scan - Craft - Use of Technology
  • Merit – VMLY&R COMMERCE US/Mondelez Oreo Stuf Scan - Use of Technology
  • Merit – VMLY&R COMMERCE US/Mondelez Oreo Stuf Scan - E Commerce

See full list of winners.